10' x 30" Whopper Starboard Stand Up Paddle Board

Starboard Whopper Stand Up Paddle Board Asia

The Whopper Club

10’0” x 34” = Stability
The Whopper Club edition features high density EVA nose and tail bumpers to reduce the risk of injuries. The Mini TT fin boxes are extra strong and especially well suited for school usage. The standing area is color coded to indicate the best paddling position. All together the very best board ever to learn to Sup with in the waves, this combined with unique high performance wave riding characteristic, revolutionizing Stand up paddle boarding

The Whopper Windsurfer

Starboard Stand Up Paddle Board the Whopper Windsurfable 10' is in stock at Amara Watersports Blue Lagoon Pattaya

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The Whopper with mast track and middle fin option doubles as an entry level windsurfer with the nice glide coming from its generous lenght. The 34” (85 cm) width provides stability. This shape will even surprise in wave riding with its carving.

Thickness: 10.5 cm.
Volume: 168 L

There are 3 mini Tuttle rear fins, supplied with the Starboard Whopper Paddleboard, 12cm thruster Fins and 16.5cm Rear fin.

The Windsurfer Whopper comes with additional removable 41cm Center fin (Tutttle) and 3 mast insert positions.

The Whopper is available in Technora, Sportech, AST Camo Black, AST Camo Blue, AST Candy and Classic AST Construction types.

"Well I hope you can take it from me, but this board is was one of the most suprising things that I rode last year.
When I looked at it I just thought, yep, looks like a good board for someone to learn on not fall off and get into SUP.
But then svein too me down to indo to try it out and we hooked up with Jake PAtterson.(Ex pipe master/asp surfer)
He took it out and was pretty much killing it and I just put it down to him just being a ripper being able to make anything turn.
But then I got to have a go.
Obviously the first thing is you almost can't fall off. Granted, due to it's width.
But then I got to go rail to rail. The response was remarkable. Smooth tight driven turns, abilty whip it vert, late take offs in hollow waves.
It almost defies logic.
Basiaclly I was blown away by it.
Not scared to talk this one up too much as everyone that has tried has a similar opinion."

Scott Mckercher

Why we chose Starboard SUP's

Starboard are long famous for making the the finest, most inovative and event winning windsurfing boards,(constructors tittle 4 years running) as well as totally changing the face of the sport with the easiest to use products. Since 2007 when Starboard entered the SUP market they have taken their design philosophy of continually asking "how can we make this better", designing highest quallity products around what works best for people in real world conditions. Now in 2012, with over 50 diferent board shapes in 5 diferent technologies, we see Starboard Boards winning BOP races, Ocean Long distance Races and Wave Events, while still pushing forward with game changing shapes and tecnologies for everyday users in real world conditions.

So why would the best windsurfing manufacturer also be your best choice when buying an SUP? - read more